I was fortunate enough to try Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum, and am delighted to not only recommend it but to insist that you try it! I found the Desert Dweller Serum able to penetrate my dry skin in the arid climate In which I live like nothing else I have tried. I actually looked forward to applying the serum (felt like velvet) twice a day, finding my skin soft and glowing like never before.
— Robin
I have been using this serum for about 1 month and I can honestly say that I see a difference in the moisture and texture of my skin. I have used other serums that pale in comparison to the Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum. With my skin type there is no need for me to apply a moisturizer in addition. My makeup goes on better, I look more refreshed, it’s amazing. I recommend it to everyone! You only need a small amount with each application which makes this serum last. Cannot wait to see what else this line has in store!!
— Lauren

Dr. Emilie has talent and passion! I’ve been using Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum and have noticed a significant difference in my skin this autumn. Usually I am so dry that I can’t get it under control this time of year. I have yet to get the dry chaffed skin that I have dreaded every autumn. This is something to definitely get your hands (and face) on.
— Gina
I tried Desert Dweller Highly Restorative serum and loved it!
I loved how easy it was to rub it in to my skin and it didn’t leave my face feeling greasy or oily at all.
After applying the serum my skin felt smooth and soft.
I have a very fair skin type and tend to be allergic to most lotions and makeup, but I had no reaction with Desert Dweller Serum at all.
It smelled amazing and had that pure and grounding type of smell!
I would highly recommend it for anyone to try!
— A.V.
Living an active outdoor lifestyle in a dry climate and at over 6,000ft takes a massive toll on my skin. Despite my efforts to wear sun protection, earth’s elements can have harsh effects on my face. I’ve been using Sanos Skincare’s Highly Restorative Serum for the past 6 months now and I swear I can see a significant difference in my skin. The serum is light and smooth and feels as if it rehydrates on contact. I use it every morning and evening and it has quickly become a permanent part of my cleansing and toning regiment. I am consistently being asked what facial products I use and I emphatically recommend this product to everyone looking for a highly effective, safe, natural skin conditioning serum.
— C.K.