What is the Shelf Life of Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum?

At Sanos Skincare, we use natural preservatives only: that means no lab-formulated, chemical additives have been used in our products.  Natural and organic products last a long time; to enhance their natural shelf life, we have carefully selected natural preservatives.    

Our Natural Preservatives:

Typically, oil-based products like a serum are less susceptible to bacteria, mold, and fungus growth than are water- or cream-based products.  We have deliberately chosen not to use chemical-based preservatives in our products.  Instead, we use natural preservatives like vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil, both of which protect the precious oils in Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum from turning rancid (a rancid oil is one that has lost its healthy, natural chemical structure).  

The natural oil preservative, vitamin E oil, also preserves your skin's youthfulness and provides a luxurious assurance against early aging.  It also works synergistically with the high vitamin C content in rosehip seed oil to protect and restore your skin cells deep at their core.    

Once opened: 

It's best to use Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum within 3 to 6 months of opening your serum, but you can still benefit from its skin-regenerating and protective qualities for up to one year.  To enhance its natural shelf life, store your serum in a cool, dry place away from direct light.  Do not store your serum above room temperature.  

Rest assured that the skin-regenerative and protective qualities of Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum can be enjoyed for up to one year.  While the appearance or fragrance of Desert Dweller may change throughout the year, this is a sign that your natural product is responding to seasonal changes.  It remains highly beneficial for your skin.  Its long shelf life is your assurance that you can enjoy continued results including younger-looking skin that is hydrated and protected at a cellular level.