Rosehip Seed Oil: The Miracle Oil that Reverses Aging in Desert Dwellers

Rosehip Seed Oil: The MIracle Oil that Reverses Aging in Desert Dwellers


The amazing benefits of rosehip seed oil

Discover the Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

A skincare must-have for Desert Dwellers


When I first discovered rosehip seed oil years ago, I was hooked.  For a while I used it alone on my skin, and I noticed that the fine wrinkles that threatened to deepen around my eyes smoothed out.  Now I blend it with other precious oils that work synergistically to counteract aging, specifically for folks living in the Desert.  


But a bit more about this special oil:


Rosehip seed oil is full of essential fatty acids and important antioxidants that stimulate skin cell renewal.  


Essential fatty acids help protect and repair damaged skin cells, and they also fight inflammation that causes early aging. 


Rosehip seed oil is chock full of a multitude of different antioxidants that work together to reverse aging via different mechanisms.  For example, the vitamin A in rosehip seed oil stimulates skin cell turnover.  Ample vitamin C protects your skin a different way: vitamin C circles your precious skin cells, providing antioxidant protection from malevolent free radical passersby.  Vitamin C actually works synergistically with vitamin E for protection: vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, inserts itself into skin cell walls to provide protection from free radical damage.  Vitamin C and vitamin E naturally restore each other: when one is neutralized in the name of disarming a free radical, the other will restore it back to its original antioxidant form.  Desert Dweller Highly Restorative Serum has an additional boost of anti-aging vitamin E that supercharges rosehip seed oil’s age-reversing effects.  


Rosehip seed oil is especially important for Desert Dwellers, and here’s why: it can actually correct dark spots and damage caused by excess sun exposure.  Not only that, the vitamin C, which is exceptionally high in rosehip seed oil, stimulates collagen production.  It’s this property that’s responsible for the fine lines around my eyes vanishing with regular use.  


Rosehip seed oil is also a fine, light oil that is easily absorbed deep into skin, leaving behind no greasy residue.  So you can  rest easy when your head hits the pillow, Desert Dweller: your precious serum will work its magic on your face, not on your pillowcase.  

Emilie Wilson