Why I Don't Use Hyaluronic Acid in My Skincare Products

Why I don’t use Hyaluronic Acid in Desert Dweller Skin Care Products


No Hyaluronic Acid Skincare in the Desert

Hyaluronic Acid in Your Beauty Products, Desert Dweller?

It Might Be Aging You Faster Than You Think

Hyaluronic acid is a big deal in the skincare world, and there is good reason for it: hyaluronic acid is a chemical that is naturally found in our skin, and it’s responsible for helping collagen hold water.  The net result of lots of hyaluronic acid inside your skin is firmer, younger-looking, dewier skin.  


Sounds great, right?


Hyaluronic acid is also called a humectant: this is a type of molecule that will actually pull water towards it.  So inside your skin, hyaluronic acid does a great job of keeping moisture where we want it: in your skin.  (Honey is another humectant, so topical honey preparations also aren’t advisable for Desert Dwellers; we’ll see why below).   


But hyaluronic acid is a pretty big molecule, and when we put it on our faces, most of those molecules won’t be absorbed by our skin.  They end up just sitting on the skin’s surface.  But they’re still a humectant, so they are still pulling water towards them.  


In a very moist or humid environment, this is great because the hyaluronic acid molecules act as a doorway between the water in the air, and your skin: they literally pull water from the air into your skin.  


In a very dry environment, unfortunately, hyaluronic acid is still a doorway, but this time it’s pulling water from your skin and releasing it out towards the dry desert air.  So the net effect of long-term topical hyaluronic acid use is actually robbing your skin of moisture and youthfulness.  


I do still recommend to many of my patients that they take internal hyaluronic acid and collagen supplements to protect and rejuvenate their skin tone from the inside out.  Internal hyaluronic acid and collagen also help protect joints from osteoarthritis.  A great alternative is homemade bone broth.  The gelatin, collagen, and minerals in homemade bone broth is an excellent daily tonic for skin as well as for your digestion (and if our digestion’s not working, then our skin pays the price).


The best defense against early aging is good self-care.  So drink some water, eat your veggies, and take some time for yourself, Desert Dweller.  You deserve it.